Yanni Georgoulakis Net Worth 2023


Yanni Georgoulakis, a prominent influencer with a staggering net worth of $5 million, has captured the essence of success in the world of social media.

From co-founding Foody Fetish to his early life, relationships, and more, discover the intriguing journey of this multi-talented individual.

Net Worth

Yanni Georgoulakis, the founder of Foody Fetish, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million. This estimation takes into account his influencer status with over 10 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. His co-ownership of Foody Fetish, which was founded in 2015, has contributed significantly to his earnings. Additionally, revenue from partnerships with restaurants, travel destinations, and various brands in the food and beverage industry has further bolstered his financial success.

It’s important to note that estimating the net worth of social media influencers can be challenging due to various income streams, sponsorships, and fluctuations in earnings. This figure is subject to change based on ongoing business ventures and partnerships.

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About Foody Fetish

Foody Fetish, founded by Yanni Georgoulakis in 2015, is a renowned brand and social media platform that specializes in creating engaging and visually appealing content related to food, beverages, and luxury travel experiences from around the world.

Churro Pancakes via @FoodyFetish on Instagram

FoodyFetish has gained popularity for its high-quality photos and videos showcasing delicious culinary creations, exotic destinations, and immersive dining experiences. It operates as a content creation and promotion platform, partnering with restaurants, hotels, and travel destinations to showcase their offerings to its vast and engaged audience.

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Early Life and Family

Yanni Georgoulakis was born and raised in Miami, Florida. His diverse heritage includes a Cuban mother and a father born in Greece.

Growing up in a multicultural environment, he developed a love for exploring different cuisines and food experiences.

Yanni’s family includes his parents, Kyriakos Georgoulakis and Alicia Georgoulakis, who have lived in Miami since coming to the United States, and a younger sister named Cristina Georgoulakis.

Photo of Yanni Georgoulakis family via TheNationalHerald


Yanni Georgoulakis holds an international business degree from Florida International University. His educational background has equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary for both his pharmaceutical career and his venture into the world of social media and influencer marketing.

Career & Accomplishments

Before embarking on his journey as a social media influencer and content creator, Yanni Georgoulakis worked in the medical field as a pharmaceutical representative. His transition to becoming the founder of Foody Fetish and a popular influencer is a testament to his dedication and passion for food, travel, and content creation.

Over the years, he has partnered with major companies such as St. Regis Hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Burger King, and more, building a successful brand with over 10 million followers across multiple platforms.

Relationship and Kids

Loved up photo of Ganni Georgoulakis and Herbert Ashley via USMagazine

Since 2021, Yanni Georgoulakis has been in a relationship with Ashley Hebert, a former Bachelorette star. It is not clear whether the two have kids together, and while their relationship garnered attention, Yanni has maintained a private stance on his personal life.

Social Media Presence

Yanni Georgoulakis maintains a significant social media presence across various platforms. On Facebook, he has amassed approximately 3.6 million followers. His TikTok account boasts a following of around 2.5 million, and on Instagram, he has garnered approximately 3.1 million followers. His content primarily revolves around sharing captivating food and travel experiences, and he remains highly active, consistently posting new content to engage his audience.

Challenges and Lessons

Yanni Georgoulakis has faced several challenges on his journey to success as a social media influencer and the founder of Foody Fetish. These challenges include staying up-to-date with evolving social media algorithms and features, maintaining consistency in content creation, and effectively balancing a full-time career with his influencer responsibilities.

Despite these hurdles, he has learned valuable lessons about the importance of hard work, consistency, and engagement with followers. His ability to adapt to changing trends and his dedication to providing high-quality content have been key to his achievements.

Age, Weight, and Height

While there are no specific details about Yanni Georgoulakis’ age, birth date, weight, or height, Somagnews mentioned in an article he was 37 years in 2022. Meaning, in 2023, he would be 38 years old.

Quick Information

Information Details
Real NameYanni Georgoulakis
Nick NameUnavailable
Date of BirthUnavailable
Place of BirthMiami, Florida
ProfessionFood & Travel Content Creator
Children Unavailable
ParentsKyriakos Georgoulakis (father), Alicia Georgoulakis (mother)
Age38 as of 2023
Weight Unavailable
Facebook https://m.facebook.com/foodyfetish


Yanni Georgoulakis’ remarkable journey, with a net worth of $5 million, showcases his entrepreneurial prowess as an influencer and Foody Fetish co-founder.

While some details remain elusive, his career, early life, and dedication to his craft are undeniable.

Stay tuned for updates as we unveil more about this inspiring individual’s life and achievements.