Wendy Durst Net Worth: See Latest $$$ Valuation + Source of Wealth

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Wendy Durst Kreeger, a key figure in the Durst real estate dynasty, boasts an estimated net worth of $1 billion.

Beyond her wealth, learn about her life’s journey, role in the family’s empire, early years, education, family, husband, age, and more.

Net Worth

Wendy Durst Kreeger, one of the heirs of Durst’s real estate organisation, is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 billion. The Durst family’s wealth is substantial, with the empire being valued at over $8 billion according to Forbes. Notably, Douglas Durst, the Chairman of the Durst empire, is reported to have a net worth of over $4 billion, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth.

In the absence of actual details of assets and liabilities, the quoted figure is based on the argument that if the Durst empire is worth over $8 billion in assets, and Douglas, the chairman and one of Wendy’s siblings, is worth over $4 billion, then Wendy and his other sibling Thomas should be worth at least $1 billion each. 

Another point is that the Durst family’s late eldest sibling, Robert Durst, was paid up to $65 million in 2006 (valued at over $100 million by LAPD in 2015) to sever ties with the family given his run-ins with the law. It then follows that if an outcast like Robert can double his net worth in about ten years (2006 – 2015) despite a clear lack of interest in the properties business, then an insider like Wendy, about ten years later, should be worth at least 10× Robert’s net worth, considering the post-Covid boom of the real estate market.

Kindly note that estimating net worth accurately can be challenging, and these figures are subject to fluctuations based on various factors, including changes in the real estate market and investment performance.

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Who is Wendy Durst

Wendy Durst Kreeger is a prominent member of the Durst real estate family and is known for her involvement in philanthropic activities. She has also been associated with her family’s business ventures and has made significant contributions to their real estate empire.

Early Life and Family

Wendy Durst Kreeger was born into the prestigious Durst family. Her parents were Seymour Durst, a renowned businessman and real estate developer, and Bernice Herstein, an American socialite who passed away at a young age.


Wendy Kreeger graduated from Scarsdale High School before pursuing higher education. She attended Skidmore College and also studied at Washington Square College of Arts and Science, a university in New York.

Career & Accomplishments

Wendy Durst Kreeger’s career has encompassed various aspects, including her involvement in her family’s real estate empire. While specific details about her professional achievements are not available at this time, it is reasonable to assume that she has played a significant role in the Durst Organization.

Philanthropic Activities

Wendy Durst Kreeger is known for her philanthropic activities through the Durst Foundation. Her family has a history of supporting environmental organizations and the performing arts. Wendy herself may have been actively involved in charitable work and contributing to various causes.

Relationship and Kids

Wendy Kreeger is married to Douglas Allen Kreeger. They have two sons: Evan Kreeger, who gained recognition for his involvement in a movie series based on “The Jinx,” and Keith Kreeger, known for his work in ceramics and porcelain artistry.

Age, Weight, and Height

Wendy Durst Kreeger was born on the second of February 1947. There is currently no information about her weight or height.

Quick Facts

Information Details
Net Worth$1 billion (estimated)
Real NameWendy Durst Kreeger
Date of BirthFebruary 26, 1947
Place of BirthNew York City, US
Age76 as of 2023
Profession/Job TitlePhilanthropist and Writer
In a Relationship With/Married ToAllen Kregger
ParentsSeymour Durst (father – late), Bernice Herstein (mother – late)
SiblingsRobert Durst (late), Douglas Durst (current chairman of the Durst organization), Thomas Durst


While Wendy Durst Kreeger’s estimated net worth of $1 billion stands out, her contributions to the Durst real estate legacy, philanthropy, and family life remain intriguing aspects. Despite limited information in some areas, this article will be updated with any new and verifiable details about her life and achievements.