Victory Outdoor Services Net Worth: How Much?

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In the dynamic world of outdoor services, Victory Outdoor Services stands as a beacon of success, with a net worth soaring into the millions. Founded by Ryan Tomich in 2016, this Wisconsin-based company has redefined excellence in the industry.

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This article has all the details, including their wide spectrum of services, diverse revenue streams, and the founder and his influence.

What is Victory Outdoor Services Net Worth?

Victory Outdoor Services boasts a net worth estimated to be in the realm of several millions. This impressive valuation takes into account multiple factors contributing to their financial standing. Primarily, the revenue generated from their extensive offering of concrete-related services forms a substantial portion of this figure. From concrete driveways to landscaping, Victory Outdoor Services has cultivated a diverse range of outdoor services that resonate with their clientele.


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Physical assets, including equipment and properties, add considerable value to their net worth. Moreover, their robust online presence, with over 1.5 million subscribers and followers across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, enhances their financial standing. The merchandise arm of the business, Crowdmade, further contributes to their online assets.

The YouTube channel, “Victory Outdoor Services,” plays a pivotal role in their earnings, estimated to bring in approximately $150,000 yearly through advertising revenue. However, it’s essential to clarify that this net worth valuation takes into account only the earnings and earning potentials of Victory Outdoor Services without factoring in the various expenses and possible liabilities or debts that a business of this nature might incur.

It’s worth noting that Victory Outdoor Services may have additional income streams, such as sponsorships and partnerships on its social platforms, which could potentially skew the quoted figure in the years to come. Therefore, the estimated net worth should be used as guidance and for informational purposes only, as it is challenging to obtain precise numbers in this context. Fluctuations in financial performance, market conditions, and business developments could influence this figure over time.

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Quick Facts

Information Details
Business NameVictory Outdoor Services
ServicesConcrete; coloring and stamping; landscaping services; snow removal
Business Status Operating
IndustryArchitectural, Engineering, and Related Services
Company TypePrivate
Headquarters in4639 Meadow View, Brookfield, Wisconsin, 53005, United States
Founded byRyan Tomich
Founded in2016
Phone Number(262) 599-1712
Top CompetitorsConcrete By Will, John Sheehan Construction and Stomper Concrete

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What is Victory Outdoor Services?

Victory Outdoor Services is a renowned outdoor services company founded by Ryan Tomich in 2016. Based in Brookfield, WI, United States, the company specializes in a wide range of outdoor services, including concrete driveways, pathways, walkways, landscaping services, and snow removal. Their mission is to provide quality and affordable outdoor services to areas in Waukesha County, Milwaukee, Cedarburg, and Oak Creek. For inquiries or to avail of their services, Victory Outdoor Services can be reached at #262-599-1712.

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Who is Ryan Tomich?

Ryan Tomich is the founder of Victory Outdoor Services, a seasoned concrete expert, and a content creator. With over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry and related businesses, Ryan’s entrepreneurial journey led to the establishment of Victory Outdoor Services in 2016. He is known for setting high standards for each project, prioritizing quality over quantity, and actively involving himself in the company’s operations to meet clients’ expectations.


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In his personal life, Ryan is a family-oriented individual, happily married with six children. His YouTube channel, “Victory Outdoor Services,” not only showcases his expertise but also features his family members, creating family-oriented content that has gained significant popularity. Ryan’s commitment to both his business and family values has contributed to his extraordinary success in both realms.

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Victory Outdoor Services has not only revolutionized the outdoor services industry but has also achieved a net worth in the millions. Founded by Ryan Tomich in 2016, this Wisconsin-based company offers a wide range of services, including concrete-related solutions and landscaping. Their success story showcases the power of dedication and quality service in carving out a significant financial presence.