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Soluto was a startup Avishai built from scratch and sold back in 2013 at over $100 million. Before and after the sale of Soluto, Avishai sold more businesses and successfully exited his position in a couple of other investments. He currently boasts dozens of investments in his portfolio. What is more, he has more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur and top executive of leading tech companies, including Wix.com (currently valued at over $3 billion) and monday.com. Wondering what someone with this kind of background might be worth in $$$?

Based on our research, we think Avishai Abrahami’s valuation will be between $250 – $850 million in 2024. Here is how we arrived at these numbers plus a few more details about Avishai, including his nationality, investor portfolio, place of birth, where he lives, educational background, age, and wife.

How Much is Avishai Abrahami Worth Now?

Based on publicly available information on Avishai’s financial activities, we like to think that his net worth ranges between $250 – $850 million. This figure takes into consideration:

  1. His stakes in several tech companies, including Wix.com (3.3%, currently valued at over $100 million), monday.com (currently worth around 150 million dollars), Affogata, The Gist, Connecteam, Walnut, Openweb, Unic-Tech, Bridgewise, BllInk, among others.
  2. Exits of his investments and sales of his businesses including Soluto In 2013 (which he sold for $130 million), AIT Technology in 1997, Beyond Air in 1998, Sphera Corporation in 2000, Getyou in 2016, Trendy Pal in 2019, Give2gether in 2023 (up to $6 million in investment), etc.
  3. His over two decades of earnings from his C-level roles in multiple top tech companies, including Wix.Com (where he has been the Co-chief CEO and director since 2006, became a CEO in 2010, reported to be earning around $542,000 annually), Arel Communications & Software Ltd (where he was the vice president of strategic alliances), Sphera Corporation (where he was the chief technical officer and vice president of product marketing), etc.

It is important to note that the valuation considers only publicly available/shared financial info of Avishai, without access to/information on his complete assets, savings, investments, or debts. This figure is subject to fluctuations due to Avishai’s financial decisions and changing market conditions. Also, the quoted figure is an estimate due to the difficulty in obtaining accurate numbers related to assets, savings, investments and debts. Therefore, it should be used for guidance and informational purposes only.

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Quick Facts

Information Details
Real NameAvishai Abrahami
Date of Birth1971
Place of BirthIsrael
Profession/Job TitleCEO, Founder & Investor
In a Relationship With/Married ToUnavailable
Children Unavailable
Age52 as of 2023
Lives InMerrick, New York

Who Is Avishai Abrahami?

Avishai Abrahami is an Israeli serial tech entrepreneur and investor. He has three decades of experience as a developer, entrepreneur, and top business executive. AIT Technology, established in 1993 and sold in 1997 was Avishai’s first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Since then he has launched and sold several other businesses. He is well known for co-founding Wix.com, the website builder software in 2006 with his brother Nadav Abrahami, Giora Kaplan and late ex-wife Orit Mossinson.

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Early Life

Not much is available about Avishai, but it is known that he was born in Israel around 1971 or 1972. He is an Israeli who served in the Israeli Defence Force in 1992 and currently lives and has most of his businesses in Israel. Additionally, Avishai has two brothers named Nadav and Yoav, who are also into tech.


Avishai likely had his high school in Israel. He disclosed in an interview that he dropped out of the University to pursue his entrepreneurship dream. It is not clear the program he was studying at the time. Also, there is no information on whether he has enrolled for another program.


Avishai was married to Orit Mossinson, who passed a couple of years ago. According to this interview with Globes, Avishai is married to another woman whose identity is currently unknown, and the couple were reported to be expecting a baby.


Thanks to the sales of some of his businesses (some even selling for up to nine figures) and smart investments and exits–not forgetting his six-figure annual salary as a top executive of many leading tech companies for more than twenty years–Avishai has slowly amassed a fortune for himself, estimated to be worth between $250 – $850 million. With Avishai actively investing as shown by his Pitchbook profile and with an excellent track record of launching, leading and flipping highly successful businesses, there only seems to be one way for Avishai from here, and that is UP.


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