Atlas Monroe Chicken Net Worth: $$$ Valuation, Founder & More

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In the captivating world of Atlas Monroe where vegan dreams turned into a multi-million dollar reality, uncover the founder’s journey, a net worth ranging from $3-8 million, the Shark Tank dilemma, and the delectable vegan offerings that made this culinary empire.

From a two-story manufacturing plant to nationwide acclaim, here is the extraordinary rise of Atlas Monroe – the vegan sensation that left a $1 million offer behind.

How Much is Atlas Monroe Worth Now?

Atlas Monroe is estimated to be worth between 3 to 8 million dollars. This valuation takes into account the acquisition of a multi-million dollar, two-story, 10,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in San Diego, CA in 2021. The plant serves as a key asset contributing to the company’s overall value. Additionally, Atlas Monroe’s annual revenue, reported to be around $5 million, plays a significant role in this estimate. The offer made by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank in 2019, proposing $1 million for 100% equity, is part of the valuation consideration.

It’s important to note that this figure is an estimate based on publicly shared information. The valuation doesn’t have access to complete financial details, including assets, cash flow, or undisclosed liabilities/debts (financing source for the manufacturing facility remains unknown, for one). The valuation is based on publicly information and may not represent the complete financial picture of Atlas Monroe. As such, this quoted figure should be viewed as an approximation, subject to fluctuations, and used for guidance and informational purposes only.

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Quick Facts

Information Details
Business NameAtlas Monroe
ProductVegan Fried Chicken
Business Status Active
IndustryFood & Drink
Company TypePrivate
Headquarters inSan Diego, California, United States
Founded byDeborah & Jonathan Torres
Founded in2017
Phone Number 858.294.3829
Available AtWebsite, Copper Branch, 2243 Versus Street, San Diego, CA 92154See full list of store locations

What is Atlas Monroe?

Founded in 2017 by Deborah and Jonathan Torres, Atlas Monroe is a prominent vegan catering company with a mission to create exciting and flavorful vegan foods that mimic meats. The company gained national fame after appearing on Shark Tank in 2019. Atlas Monroe’s flagship product is its vegan fried chicken, made from a top-secret recipe with a base of seitan (vital wheat gluten). The chicken is known for its flavorful, crispy texture and is available in various forms, including popcorn pieces, stuffed turkeys, bacon, ribs, and more.


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Pricing for a six-piece order of Vegan Extra Crispy Fried Chick’n is $22.99, plus shipping. The products are available for purchase through the company’s website. In addition to direct-to-consumer sales, Atlas Monroe expanded its presence by offering its vegan food through various channels, including restaurants and grocery stores.

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Who is the Founder and Owner of Atlas Monroe?

Atlas Monroe was founded in 2017 by Deborah and Jonathan Torres. Deborah Torres, a visionary entrepreneur, faced challenges on her journey, including a notable appearance on Shark Tank in 2019. Her background includes graduating high school at the age of 15 and earning her first degree at 17. Deborah’s passion for veganism and her commitment to providing high-quality, plant-based alternatives have driven the success of Atlas Monroe.


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Deborah Torres remains the sole owner of Atlas Monroe, maintaining 100-percent ownership since the Shark Tank appearance. Despite challenges faced on the show, she has successfully built Atlas Monroe into the largest vegan fried chicken manufacturing company globally.

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What Happened to Atlas Monroe After Shark Tank?

After declining a $1 million offer for 100% equity on Shark Tank, Atlas Monroe has experienced significant growth. The company’s sales exceeded $2 million through its website, and it expanded its product line to include vegan bacon, applewood smoked ribs, deep-fried and stuffed turkeys, signature sauces, and bakery items. Atlas Monroe’s manufacturing plant acquisition in San Diego and plans for a second location demonstrate its commitment to expansion.

In 2021, Atlas Monroe achieved an annual revenue of around $2 million, opened its own manufacturing facility, and successfully entered the mainstream grocery market. The company’s vegan fried chicken is set to debut in grocery stores, marking a significant milestone in its journey from a direct-to-consumer online-only model. Deborah Torres continues to champion veganism, emphasizing its impact on health, the environment, and the Black community.

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With a net worth estimated between $3-8 million, this vegan powerhouse has soared since its 2017 inception. From a Shark Tank turning point to a $5 million annual revenue, Atlas Monroe’s journey is a testament to the vision of founder Deborah Torres plant-based wonders that have not only shaped a business but sparked a movement. Atlas Monroe, a triumph of flavor and entrepreneurship, continues to redefine the landscape of vegan cuisine and success.


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